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Music Lessons for all ages.

Instructor: Laxmi Preethi

Fees: $180 for 15 class session


About the Course

Indian classical music is believed to be a divine art form which originated from the Devas and Devis (Hindu Gods and Goddesses),and is venerated as symbolic of nāda brāhman.The learning texts and exercises are more or less uniform across all the South Indian states. The learning structure is arranged in increasing order of complexity. The lessons start with the learning of the sarali varisai ,other varisais (graded exercises), alankaras (exercises based on the seven talas), geetams or simple songs, and Swarajatis. After the student has reached a certain standard, varnams are taught and later, the student learns kritis.

There are various levels in carnatic music learning hierarchy. Typically it takes years to understand all these in depth and do concerts.

Level - Basic


Sarali Varisai, Janta Varisai, Upper Sthayi Varisai, Dhattu Varisai, Alankarams, Simple Songs, Bhajans, Slokas in carnatic raga.


Basic understanding of Raga Lakshana.

Level - Intermediate


Varnam, Krithis.


Understanding relationship between Melakartha and Janya Raga structures.
Life history of carnatic music trinities.

Level - Advacnced


Ata Tala Varnam, Pancharathna Krithis, Kamalamba varnams, Ragam Tanam Pallavi singing practice.


All Advance Raga, Tala details.

This 10 week Crash course will give a good start-up knowledge to beginners and the curriculum is given below.
1. Sarali Varisai
2. Bhajans
3. Askhtakam
4. Nottuswaras
5. Indian Patriotic Song

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