Kuchipudi claases for everyone

These classes will focus on teaching the great art form Kuchipudi.

Instructor: Tripura Sundari


Please see the flyer below for a high level overview.

DICE Kuchipudi

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Kuchipudi is based on the Natya Shastra, a detailed text on dance and music. The content of most Kuchipudi dances are based on Hindu mythology, religion and spirituality. Kuchipudi is typified by fluidity and grace with vigorous, rounded, brisk and rhythmic movements, thus its style exhibits control with abandon, and strength with delicacy. The abhinaya (expression) aspect of Kuchipudi is unique for it combines both the stylistic and the realistic ways of expression.

DANCE: It’s a long term commitment to this great art form with mere dedication, devotion, discipline, appreciation for the art, enthusiasm, and hard work.

• Classes are open to 6-7 years to adults and any level of/ no dance experience.
• Classes are held weekly for about 45 min to an hour (approx.)
• Classes run on a 12-14 week trimester system for fall, winter and spring and 8-10 week summer semester. Summer camps will be offered.

Kuchipudi levels

• Basic: Class introduces students to Kuchipudi dance posture and an understanding of basic rhythm and footwork.

• Kuchipudi I: Students learn fundamental basic steps. Class begins focus on development in technique.

• Kuchipudi II: Students learn fundamental steps and advanced steps.

• Kuchipudi III: Students learn complicated combinations of steps called jathis.

• Kuchipudi IV: Students will learn the jati sequences in different beat and time measure.

• Kuchipudi Advanced Levels 1: Students begin learning the first basic items in the Kuchipudi repertoire and begin the study of Abhinaya (Expression).

• Kuchipudi Advanced Levels II and III: For students who have completed the first basic items start to learn more advanced items. Class continues study of abhinaya and interpretation of dance theory.

• Graduation: Students who have completed all the advanced levels are considered eligible for Rangapravesam (solo debut performance).

• After Graduation: It’s a long term commitment to this great art form with mere dedication, passion and appreciation for the ART. Students continue to learn more dances and continue to participate in variety of programs and performances.

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